Sport ballerinas

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Fashionable sports ballerinas are a combination of lightweight city shoes with durable and ergonomic proposals. Thanks to this, they are perfect for urban and non-urban activities and are dedicated to those ladies who like to be constantly on the move. The sports leather ballerinas available at Midiamo are not only made of natural materials, but are also equipped with additional systems that guarantee better cushioning, helping to relieve the joints and the spine during daily walks, outdoor gym activities or other types of training. They are light and fitted to the foot ballerinas, which are chosen by ladies for whom active free time is primarily associated with leaving the house. Shoes such as those available in this category Filippo ballerinas are therefore becoming a sensational alternative to traditional sports shoes. They provide comfort, are light and look very attractive on the foot. They neatly emphasize sports styling, but do not impose it. And that is why they will be perfect for training, regardless of what outfit you choose. On the other hand, sports ballerinas will not work in demanding terrain or during strength or aerobic exercises. As a rule, they are chosen by ladies who want light and comfortable shoes for everyday use. For example, Maciejka ballerinas work well in everyday sports stylizations. These are casual models that go great with dresses and pants. In a more elegant version, Venezia shoes will be irreplaceable. An afternoon walk, a bike ride or a holiday trip are the perfect occasions to reach for sports ballerinas. The models available at Midiamo are made of breathable materials that prevent excessive sweating of the feet - they ensure high breathability and transport moisture away. A flexible sole is also extremely important, as it provides cushioning and reduces shocks. See which leather sports ballerinas from our offer will be the best for you!